Digital health innovators share 2021 predictions

27 October 2021

Published in Mobi Health News on 10 January 2021

As populations will need to increasingly rely on self-care models during the pandemic, experts reflect on the key ways this will transform the landscape of healthcare delivery in the New Year.

Dr Sina Habibi, co-founder & CEO at UK-based medical tech company, Cognetivity

“AI will continue to grow in the healthcare space. As we have built huge networks of sensors and infrastructure around collecting and processing data particularly health and medical data, AI will play an ever more critical role in making sense of such a vast amount of data and helping the physicians in making right decisions in diagnosis and also monitoring the treatment efficacy.

“Expansion of smart phones and tablet usage have enabled steady and strong growth in the remote/teleconsultation sector over the past few years, but closure of physical clinics as a result of pandemic has resulted in exponential growth in this sector. Some reports estimate 900% growth over the next five years. Even after the pandemic there will be a big behaviour change in the sector in that you don’t visit patients in the clinics unless absolutely necessary.

“Our technology offers numerous advantages over traditional pen-and-paper examinations, including its short duration and high classification accuracy, coupled with the absence of a practice effect or any cultural or educational bias. Nevertheless, it is the computerised nature of the ICA and its ease of use, eliminating the need for the presence of a healthcare professional, that positions it particularly well to enable the switch from in-person to remote assessment as the era of telemedicine dawns.”

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