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Cognetivity wants to transform cognitive testing so it's fit for the future

While studying for PhDs at the University of Cambridge, Sina Habibi and Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh-Razavi bonded over how dementia had touched their lives. The overwhelming feeling was that their loved ones had been diagnosed too late to reduce the disease’s devastating toll. Dementia diagnosis is broken, the pair realised. Cognetivity was set up to fix it.

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 The Cognetivity team is working to transform cognitive testing and help millions around the world. With deep sector experience in neuroscience, business, finance, regulatory affairs, AI, medicine and neurology, we’re delivering a new paradigm in global healthcare.

VP Commercial Development
Dr. Sina Habibi
Co-founder and CEO
Dr. Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh-Razavi
Co-founder and CIO
Dr. Thomas Sawyer
Dr. Mark Phillips
Non-Executive Director
Dr Lance Black, MD, MBID
Medical Advisor
Duncan Allen
Lord James O’Shaughnessy
Dr Carol Routledge
Prof Dag Aarsland
Keith Gibbs
Jonathan El-Sharkawy

We work with world-leading organisations, from global universities to leading research organisations.

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