Cognitive testing reimagined

In an ageing population, the prevalence of conditions like mild cognitive impairment and dementia are only increasing.

As early detection is key part of managing these illnesses, there is an urgent need for more accurate and repeatable tools for monitoring cognitive health.

CognICA for deft detection

Effective care for individuals with early stage cognitive impairment is constrained by current tools. Without repeatable and objective tests, patients are left to deteriorate alone. Medical professionals need tools that allow them to intervene when it has the greatest impact.

Doing more with less

When patients arrive at a specialist, they often present with little information other than a concern about cognitive function. They are then bombarded with a variety of expensive medical tests even though they may be unnecessary.

As the ICA is a measure of cognitive function that is fast, efficient and more sensitive than current tests, it will simplify identifying those who should see a specialist. Using the ICA helps ensure that limited healthcare resources only go to those who need them and provides trusted reassurance to patients who do not need further care.

Eliminating Barriers to Care

The ICA is changing accessibility in healthcare by:

Increasing capacity for testing by saving time

Eliminating cultural and educational biases

No restrictions on repeatability

Language independent

Artificial Intelligence

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Overcoming existing testing flaws with an Integrated Cognitive Assessment.