Precision of the Integrated Cognitive Assessment for the assessment of neurocognitive performance in athletes at risk of concussion

22 March 2023

Choice reaction time tests are commonly used for the assessment of cognitive function, and may be useful to assess the effect of mild traumatic injuries or concussions. This study investigated the precision of the Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA; Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd., Vancouver, Canada) test for the assessment of cognitive function in athletes. Thirty-one participants volunteered to take part in this study, from both contact (n = 22) and non-contact sports (n = 9). Participants performed the ICA test consecutively both before and after normal training session to simulate resting and post-sport conditions. Precision errors were calculated for three variables, ICA Index (overall information processing ability), ICA Speed (information processing speed) and ICA Accuracy (information processing accuracy). ICA precision errors [root mean squared-standard deviation, RMS-SD (coefficient of variation, %CV)] pre-sport were ICA Index: 5.18 (7.14%), ICA Speed: 3.98 (4.64%), and ICA Accuracy: 3.64 (5.00%); and post-sport were ICA Index: 3.96 (4.94%), ICA Speed: 2.14 (2.32%), and ICA Accuracy 3.40 (4.25%). The ICA test demonstrates high in-vivo precision with all variables, with all variables except ICA Index (7.14%) demonstrating an acceptable precision error of ≤5% %CV. The ICA test is suitable for the assessment of cognitive function pre- and post-sport.

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