The Use of a Computerized Cognitive Assessment to Improve the Efficiency of Primary Care Referrals to Memory Services: Protocol for the Accelerating Dementia Pathway Technologies (ADePT) Study

27 January 2022

Existing primary care cognitive assessment tools are crude or time-consuming screening instruments which can only detect cognitive impairment when it is well established. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, memory services have adapted to the new environment by moving to remote patient assessments to continue meeting service user demand. However, the remote use of cognitive assessments has been variable while there has been scant evaluation of the outcome of such a change in clinical practice. Emerging research in remote memory clinics has highlighted computerized cognitive tests, such as the Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA), as prominent candidates for adoption in clinical practice both during the pandemic and for post-COVID-19 implementation as part of health care innovation.

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