Clinical trials (pharma/CROs)

Clinical trials for therapeutic candidates are critical to furthering the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. Among the many challenges of cutting edge science is that of evaluating participants. The standard tests scientists use to detect early signs of cognitive impairment have many shortcomings.

Cognitivity for everyday use
  • Recruiting the right patients for cognitive clinical trials is challenging – 90% are excluded during the screening phase.
  • Current tests have poor reliability and low sensitivity
  • Present methods of testing take up valuable time. Lengthy trials are a disadvantage for the participants too.

Our sensitive and repeatable test can stop the right trial participants from slipping through the net. You can also use CognICA to longitudinally monitor your patients remotely throughout your study.

Evaluate cognitive health with a 5-minute iPad test developed at Cambridge University

Unlike current diagnostic tests it is:

Faster to administer
Greater sensitivity
Increased accessibility
Free from longitudinal monitoring constraints
Always improving with AI
cognitive health test
Identify the right patients for your trial
Remotely administered
Enable longitudinal monitoring
Reduce patient and administrator time commitment
Digital record of patient data

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