Meet OptiMind, the wellness app that objectively measures your everyday cognitive performance

OptiMind is our easy-to-access iPhone app – no additional hardware required.

With elegant visualisations showcasing detailed individual results, OptiMind can highlight personal lifestyle correlations with your cognitive sharpness and provide scope for optimisation. Download today and see how your brain shapes up.

We take proactive steps to maintain our physical and mental health, but what about our brain health?

The brain is at the centre of everything that we do. And if we can measure our cognitive function, we can manage it to support healthy living.

See how your brain shapes up on the rapid image-based task. Our 5-minute test takes advantage of millions of years of human evolution and the brain’s reaction to animal stimuli. Simply tap your phone to answer whether you see an animal or not and get to know your cognitive health in a matter of minutes.

Universally applicable

Universally applicable

OptiMind is designed for anyone and everyone of all ages and walks of life.

Long-term monitoring

Long-term monitoring

Longitudinally manage cognitive performance and lifestyle factors over time.



Our ICA core is rigorously validated through our research; lifestyle factors with proven evidence to influence cognition.

OptiMind for organisations

Boost your wellness offerings by focusing on cognitive health. Learn how our tools can improve your team’s work-life balance and empower positive lifestyle changes.

OptiMind App
OptiMind in use

OptiMind for everyday use

Interested in using OptiMind for yourself? Check out how you can track your daily brain function and make informed lifestyle decisions with the latest in cognitive neuroscience from Cognetivity.

Be proactive in your cognitive health

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