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Brain health for employees has never been more important.

Over half of employees report increased stress levels and workplace burnout(Forbes). And wellness perks lack a method to objectively measure cognitive wellbeing in the workplace.

With OptiMind, your team can learn about what impacts their cognitive functioning. And you can receive population-level data insights to help better understand your team and enhance your corporate health initiatives.

How can OptiMind promote a healthy work-life balance?

Team members receive personalised scores to help them assess their cognitive performance over time.
Dynamic infographics detect individual lifestyle patterns that may impact their OptiMind scores over time.
Syncs with wearables to add accurate activity data points.
Stratified and anonymised data reports to optimise strategy without compromising your team’s trust.
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OptiMind App

Accurate, sensitive, engaging.

Healthy living begins with managing cognitive function.

Up to 40% of dementias are reversible(Lancet 2020). While some factors such as age, family history and genetics cannot be changed, we can be proactive to optimise our lifestyle.

Deliver value to your wellbeing platform and improve members’ outcomes with OptiMind, our brain health and lifestyle tool.

OptiMind can support digital health and wellbeing programmes through:

An inclusive solution with demonstrated strong correlation between cognitive performance and age.
Proven efficacy in measuring the positive impact of wellbeing programmes.
Wearable syncing to identify lifestyle patterns that may impact cognitive health.
An OptiMind SDK easily able to integrate with your existing platform.
OptiMed Score Tracker

Optimise your members with OptiMind

Support your members with a wellness solution that empowers your employees to be proactive about their physical, mental and cognitive health.