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Cognetivity Neurosciences Publishes Peer-Reviewed Article Further Validating Unique Capabilities of its CognICA™ Platform for Brain Health Screening

12 May 2022

The Company’s FDA Registered CognICA™ Tool Demonstrates How its Patented use of Animacy Recognition Improves Early Detection of Brain Health Issues Including Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Mild Cognitive Impairments

Vancouver, British Columbia, May 12, 2022 – Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd. (“Cognetivity” or the “Company”) (CSE: CGN) (OTCQB: CGNSF) (FRA: 1UB), a health technology company and developer of CognICA™, a unique brain health screening platform for use in medical, commercial and consumer environments, is pleased to announce the recent publication of its latest peer-reviewed research article. Titled “Temporal dynamics of animacy categorization in the brain of patients with mild cognitive impairment” (the “Article”), the Article provides new research data validating that the speed and pattern of animacy information processing provides clinically useful information as a potential biomarker for detecting early changes in Mild Cognitive Impairment (“MCI”) and Alzheimer’s Disease (“AD”) patients. The article was published on February 23, 2022 and co-authored by Cognetivity’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh-Razavi and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chris Kalafatis.

The Article details results of research conducted on MCI patients, including looking at temporal dynamics regarding animate and inanimate visual processing and how the speed of patients processing animacy information is a new sensitive biomarker for detecting MCI. The research provides new insights into how the brain changes in the early stages of brain health issues, separate from memory symptoms that have, so far, been the main target for assessments and diagnosis of MCI and AD. The research conducted and outlined in the Article clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the Company’s Integrated Cognitive Assessment tool (“CognICA™”) – specifically its rapid visual categorization task within its mobile application – in accurately detecting less severe brain deteriorations as compared to traditional memory tests.

CognICA™ assesses changes in the speed and accuracy of animacy processing in patients with MCI as well as mild Alzheimer’s disease. CognICA™ tests information processing speed and the engagement of higher-level visual areas in the brain for semantic processing, as it measures reactions to animal versus non-animal images. The Article crucially confirms that reduced visual processing speed is present in MCI, the stage at which it is vitally important to detect brain health issues early, when interventions are at their most effective, but a stage that has been historically difficult to detect in healthcare.

“We are excited to share our ongoing research results in this publication and to further confirm the effectiveness of the approach used by our FDA registered CognICA™ platform.” commented Dr. Sina Habibi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cognetivity. “Our use of animal images and measuring subjects’ reaction to animacy is unique to Cognetivity and being able to tap into the human brain’s innate abilities gives us a significant performance advantage over traditional methods of measuring cognitive function. Using these principles, the speed, sensitivity and usability of our platform is already assisting doctors to detect brain health issues earlier and more reliably, improving people’s lives and helping improve the standard of care for providers the world over.”

According to Our World in Data, almost one billion people worldwide suffer from a mental disorder and the estimated costs of these disorders is estimated to have a global economic cost of US$16 trillion by 2030². Early detection of brain health disorders has the potential to significantly reduce costs of care while improving patient outcomes. Cognetivity’s CognICA™ technology is a unique and highly scalable software-as-a-service solution able to accurately detect the earliest stages of the majority of major brain health disorders.

About Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd.
Cognetivity is a technology company that has created a cognitive testing platform for use in medical, commercial and consumer environments. Cognetivity’s CognICA™ uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to help detect the earliest signs of cognitive impairment by testing the performance of large areas of the brain. The CognICA™ is currently available for clinical use in the USA, UK and Europe, with regulatory approval for other regions planned for 2022.

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“Sina Habibi”
Sina Habibi
Chief Executive Officer and Director

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